About mobilemend

How things started

So let me get this right, if one of our customers has a broken cell phone (at the time, BlackBerry was the cell phone of choice) we have to send it out for service and the customer is without their cell phone for a minimum 2 weeks (often longer lol). The very thought, I asked myself when working for a cell phone provider at the time, made no sense to me. You can go back to the car dealership you bought your car from, and they will, in most cases, be able to service your vehicle repair on-site at the dealership in a timely manner. There had to be a way to offer a quicker service alternative to the conventional way at the time, mobilemend was born. To this day, mobilemend strives to improve on the quickest possible service turnaround, in most cases same day for today’s popular electronics. Let’s face it, these things are not getting any cheaper, there are options available and we are here to provide you with the honest repair advice you deserve. 

Meet The Team

Nate Hankinson


Who is he?
Owner & head technician @ our Brantford location 

What are his specialties?
As a business owner Nate wears many hats & does a lot of behind the scenes work.  As a tech you can find him Monday – Friday working hard to help you with all of your tech needs!

If he had to choose, what would be his favourite repair to complete?
He said : “Saving the day, fixing iPad’s for kids & providing parents with a budget friendly option like repair, versus purchasing an entire new iPad”

☕Coffee order?
A simple americano or cappuccino does the trick


Who is he?
Justin is our head technician @ our Norfolk location

What are his specialties?
Sippin on London fogs & dirty chai tea lattes ☕️ while he works hard to solve all of your tech needs!

Justin also specializes in our less common & more challenging services :
• Soldering Services
• In depth computer services
• Data Recovery & more!

What is Justin’s most satisfying repair to complete? 
He said : “Being able to successfully retrieve data for somebody that had special memories that meant a lot to them”

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