iPad Repairs

iPad & iPad Mini Repairs

At mobilemend, we have repair
issues covered for your broken iPad.
From iPad Mini’s all the way up to
the latest iPad Pro’s, we have cost
effective repairs to restore your
device back to original shape.

How to tell what model of iPad I have:
On the backside of the device towards
the bottom near the charge port,
you will see a model number in tiny writing
starting with: A1** You can also go into settings.
Once in settings - tap on General -
then within General tap on About.
Now look for Model, on the right side
it will display A1** number

• Screen Replacement
• Charging Issue
(Port repair / replacement)
• Button Replacement
(Power / Volume / Home)
• Speaker & Mic Replacement
• Camera Repairs
• Battery Issue/ Replacement
• Water Damage Data Recovery
• Software/ OS reinstall
• Mainboard Repair

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