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122 Robinson St.
Simcoe ON N3Y 1W9

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iPhone Repairs

iPhone Repairs

We repair all generations of iPhone
and, depending on the repair issue,
we will have your iPhone back
the same day.

Smartphone Repairs

mobilemend has you covered when it
comes to repairing the most common
issues with your Smartphone. We have
affordable repair options available
regardless of make or model.

iPad & iPad Mini Tablet Repairs

iPad Repairs

 From iPad Mini’s all the way up to
latest iPad Pro’s, the technicians
at mobilemend have the expertise to
get your iPad fully functional again.

Tablet Repairs

. We have the ability to properly diagnose
and repair the issues you may be
having with your Tablet.

Laptop Repairs

If your Windows or Mac laptop is
not in working order, the technicians
at mobilemend have the ability to restore
your laptop back to working condition.

Computer Repairs

At mobilemend we offer
full diagnostic services for your
Windows PC and Mac computer.

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On Site Services
Technical support for Home or Business

On Site Services


Broken Screen Replacement
Having trouble viewing your latest selfie through your broken cell phone screen? At mobilemend, we offer in-store screen repair on: iPhones, Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets and Laptops. We keep stock on the latest brands from: Apple, Samsung, LG and many more. Depending on the brand, most screen repairs can be done on the same day and usually within an hour. Appointments are not necessary, but if you would like a time that best fits your schedule for your screen repair give us a call or drop by your nearest shop.
Battery Replacement
Finding that your battery is no longer holding a charge like it once was? Mobilemend offers in-store battery replacements for: iPhones, Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets and Laptops. We stock the most popular brands: Apple, Samsung, LG and many more. Most battery replacements are done same day depending on make and model of your device. If you want to make an appointment that works best for your schedule, we can make that work although appointments are not necessary. If you have any question about battery replacements, drop by your nearest shop or give us a call.
Charging Port Replacement
Are you finding that your device is no longer recognizing your charger cable no matter what way you try to angle it in the port? At mobilemend, we have the ability to properly diagnose and repair your charging port. We offer in-store charge port replacements for the latest devices: iPhones, Cell Phones, iPad, Tablets and Laptops. We currently stock the latest charge ports for: Apple, Samsung, LG and many more. Charge port repair can be done same day depending on make and model of your device. If are not sure if your charge port needs to be replaced, drop by your nearest mobilemend shop or give us a call. Appointments are not necessary, however, if you want to schedule a time, we can make that work.
Water Damage Data Recovery
Did your iPhone happen to fall into water or come in contact with liquid? At mobilemend, we focus on data recovery when it comes to water damaged devices. The biggest reason for this is we are unable to guarantee our workmanship on the repair due to the inconsistencies that exist after the process. Water Damage Data Recovery services is available on: iPhones, Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets and Laptops. The process for data recovery can take up to 2-4 weeks. This is not a process you want to rush and we have been successful recovering irreplaceable data for our customers. Just like any repair, it is always best to ask questions when choosing a reputable shop to recover your data. If you have questions about water damage data recovery, drop by your nearest shop or give us a call.
Data Transfer
Is your screen broken and you can no longer get access to your data to move over to your new device? At mobilemend, we can temporary restore screen functionality to backup your data to move over to your new device. This service is available for: iPhone, Cell Phones, iPads and Tablets. Depending on the condition and part availability, data transfers can be done on the same day in our store. If you have any questions about our data transfer service, drop by your nearest shop or give us a call.

mobilemend Small Business Accounts

mobilemend small business device repairs

• Flexible Pick Up & Delivery
• Exclusive Pricing
• Same Day Service Available

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Why choose

Service the Right Way

This is the number one reason
we are serving you today.
From the very beginning
of the repair process right
up to the end. We are
there for our customers.
At mobilemend, we like to think
that we have the best service
in the device repair industry.

Industry Experience

You want a reputable and honest
repair shop working on your
device. With our extensive
knowledge and training
in the telecommunications
and electronic repair industry,
mobilemend has the experience
you are looking for when
 servicing your technology.

Same Day Repairs

We specialize in local same
day repair. The technicians at
mobilemend strive to have your
repair completed on the same day-
sometimes within the hour.
Drop by your nearest location
today or call to see if your
device is eligible for same
day repair service

Our Lifetime Guarantee

At mobilemend, our
commitment to workmanship
and the part(s) replaced
are backed by a
Lifetime Guarantee
available at any one of
our three locations –
taking the worry out of
device repair!

Recycle My Cell
Recycle Program

• mobilemend is an independent service company that is not
affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way
officially connected to the companies/brands
serviced/sold at any of its locations •

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